always... to look life in the face...

and to know it... for what it is...

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Daughter of Gondor
3 May 1986
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Bands & musicians I've seen live:

♥ Sting
♥ A-ha
♥ Placebo
♥ Starsailor
♥ Radiohead
♥ Coldplay
♥ Good charlotte
♥ Massive attack
♥ The Roots
♥ Supergrass
♥ Counting crows
♥ Bjork
♥ Mando diao
♥ Weezer
♥ Maroon 5
♥ Incubus
♥ Green day
♥ Billy Idol
♥ Velvet revolver
♥ R.E.M
♥ My chemical romance
♥ Garbage
♥ The hives
♥ Sonic Youth
♥ Marilyn Manson
♥ Funeral for a friend
♥ Feeder

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